November 30, 2011

and Rubber to Boot

Although I would love to wear cute flats, wedges, heels, and real leather boots all day long, they would get completely ruined during this long rainy season in Montreal.  I still have a soft spot for the bright happy rain boots of my childhood, but sometimes I wish it wouldn't be so obvious that I'm wearing rain boots on my way to work.  Thank god for the rain boot fashion that has emerged over the last few years: heels, bows, and faux leather make rubber boots almost cute enough for a sunny day!  Unfortunately my boyfriend insists that no rain boot will ever be cute and although he denies the existence of "rain boot fashion", here are a few that I think he could tolerate and that transition well from outside to indoors.

I love these boots from Banana Republic because I actually had to touch them before I realized they were rubber.   Hunter has also recently come out with a few more sophisticated designs keeping these options from being too rain boot-y.

I almost always wear heels at work so rather than tucking my pants into the tops of the boots and looking like a character from Oliver Twist, I adore boots with a heel like these from Marc Jacobs or Hunter.

Although some may only recently be familiar with brands like Hunter and Sorel, these have been Vermonter staples for years - along with the plaid shirts that are popping up everywhere.  

While these green boots may not be quite the professional look I am going for for work, they would look adorable with cutoffs or a flowered dress in the spring during mud season (yes, this is actually a season) so I couldn't help but include them!

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