November 30, 2011

My Little Pink Notebook

Welcome to Style EnVie.

My mother always kindly refers to me as a generalist probably because I have never been able to stick with only one subject in school or in life and flit from one area to another as things appeal to me.

While this inability to just pick something made it difficult to select a major in university and on one particularly distracted day even led me to look up symptoms of ADD, I like to think my myriad of interests are all tied together by an overall love of artistry, design, creativity, and the delicious things in life as recorded in the little pink notebook I always carry.

This blog is an attempt to concentrate on the unity created by my notebook and share the variety of things that I love including the outfits, recipes, shopping lists, ideas, and sources of inspiration that fill its pages.

I hope you enjoy. :-)

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