December 07, 2011

Going for the gold

To be gold or silver...  Of course there is no rule against mixing the two (and I often do!) but I find most women define themselves as one or the other.  I grew up wearing mainly silver as the jewelry I could afford at 12 was largely from Claire's and most cheap gold jewelry looks, well, like cheap faux gold jewelry.  Silver more easily masqueraded as sterling and also looked more appropriate on pre-teen me.  As I've grown up, I've developed a burgeoning affinity for it's golden counterpart though. It can make more of a statement and gives warmth to your skin.  The trick to gold however is simplicity.  Anything overly ornate or complicated (unless it is really REAL) looks tacky.  For the holidays I've been searching for a pair of gold drop earrings to match a sparkly gold dress I plan to wear to at least one party.
Here are the final contenders.

Alexis Bittar $195, Kate Spade $68, Belle Noel $75, Alexis Bittar $175

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