December 13, 2011

Happy girls

I was blessed/cursed with a large bust for my frame and despite what every lingerie store tells me, I am confident that I am not the only one out there with my bra size and that most women are simply wearing the wrong one.  It can certainly be hard to find the proper size when most sales associates measure women incorrectly.  I have been sized multiple times and this is the only store to ever get it right.  Since wearing the right bra will infinitely improve your life (I now own a [shock] comfortable strapless bra), I thought I'd take the mystery out of sizing.

Here are 4 easy steps to finding the perfect fit:

  1. Snug band: Your band should support 80%, straps only 20% so it needs to be snug and close on the loosest clasp when new to allow for stretch.
  2. Cup size and band size are separate but linked!!: As your band size gets smaller, your cup size gets bigger. My cup size fits a 38B cup, 36C cup, 34D cup, and 32DD cup BUT my rib cage is small so I should wear a 30 inch band.  My bra size is actually a 30DDD
  3. Don't rely just on a measuring tape: It can be a good starting point though so try this method as it came the closest to my size when I tried it (gave me a 32DD reading).  Remember though that fit is holistic so try things on and don't be scared by big letters.
  4. If your lingerie store doesn't sell your perfect size: Don't give up! Buy the cup size that fits then have the band altered.  Since no one sells my size for less than $80, I have purchased 34D bras a few times and had the band made smaller.  Some stores like this one will do alterations for free.
Tip: European and international lingerie companies have more diverse sizes than US brands so break out of standard VS and try brands like Chantelle or Wacoal.

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