December 20, 2011


Since I am currently sharing a very small apartment with my boyfriend, I can't wait to move into our new condo that doubles the size of our living space. We're just about to close on it and should be able to move in mid-January.  Aside from the beautiful spiral staircase, 15+ windows, and downtown location, my favorite thing about it is the work that it still needs.  The kitchen and bathrooms need to be re-done and the terrible horizontal stripes on the walls need to be covered.  I love DIY and design projects and can't wait to finally get to use all the inspirational photos and ideas I've been collecting over the years.  Since our first project will be the kitchen, here are a few of the photos I've been collecting.

I love having books in the kitchen and I'll need a place for all of my cookbooks.  This makes me picture a relaxing morning baking muffins, drinking hot coffee, and reading a good novel.

Our kitchen is small so I love how this cosy space feels airy and open.

The cabinet doors that slide back into the wall are so practical since they save space and you don't have to choose between cupboards and shelves.

Although this is a little modern for me, I love the bright red rug down the center.

I will be looking for a distressed wooden table like this but want surround it with modern chairs or upholster my own with an updated fabric to keep it from looking too country.

These light fixtures from Pottery Barn are a nice alternative to traditional chandeliers.

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