December 21, 2011

The scent of a cookie

La Durée candles in Marrons Glacés (candied chestnuts)
and Mille et une Nuit  (Arabian Nights)
I can easily withstand salt but when it comes to sugar, I have an undeniable sweet tooth.  Unfortunately this means I am helpless in front of cakes, cookies, and other sweet indulgences.  When living in Paris a few years ago, I had my first encounter with French macarons, specifically the macarons of La Durée.  Rather than being made from chewy coconut, the French created a refined almond powder cookie delicately scented with pistachios, fruits (as they say in Montreal), caramels, or chocolates.  La Durée Paris is arguably the most famous bakery for macarons so I was thrilled when I learned they recently opened a bakery in NYC.  Unfortunately nibbling des macarons is not great for my pre-Christmas diet so I was delighted to be gifted with these candles that smell as good as the cookie flavors they represent.  These will scent my office for the next few weeks and the box is perfect for holding random office supplies.  A welcome early Christmas gift for me and perfect hostess gift for holiday parties.

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