December 05, 2011

Perfect Presents

'Tis the season to be making lists and sure enough, everywhere I look there are lists of best Christmas gifts, presents under $25, top 10 baubles, etc. As with most gift givers, the majority of the people I buy gifts for do not give me a list, hence the multitude of helpful suggestions every holiday season.  Although I love to read them, all these lists can be overwhelming and are often more money than I want to spend (who buys a friend a $250 bag??).  I also always wonder how many writers actually buy the things they write about or whether they just look through the websites of their favorite stores arbitrarily.

As I prepare my budget/shopping list this year, I'm going to keep it simple and when stumped for a simple present idea, I've decided to refer to items that I did not ask for in the past but received and loved. It's a great exercise to appreciate what you have and to create your own tried and true gift list.  Here are a few of the presents that I have received and that I know many of my friends (and possibly yours) would also enjoy.  

I've listed approximate costs (when known) and links if I found it online.
Happy shopping. :-)

  1. Handmade in Vermont pottery vase, gift from my mom and dad
  2. Faux pearl necklace, Mexx, $30
  3. Monogrammed silver jewelry box (I LOVE all things monogrammed), Pottery Barn $29.50
  4. Gold leather passport case, Coach, $30
  5. Yellow fall foliage post-its (who doesn't love post-its!!), $8
  6. Treat me like a queen post-its, gift from my mom, $8
  7. Pink alabaster heart paperweight, Barnes & Noble, $16.95
  8. Matchstick box with pink tipped matches and cute phrases, Curly Girl Designs, $2
  9. My pink notebook, Ecosystem Life $16.95
  10. Silver jewelry cleaning clothes, Tiffany & Co, $10
  11. Nail polish by Essie in Lapiz of Luxury, $8
  12. Flowered notecards in fresh pink box, Running Rhino & Co $18.95

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