December 19, 2011

Sunday Ritual

I have never understood why the US insists on starting the week on a Sunday.  The rest of the world starts Monday, work starts Monday, and the weekend days look so lonely on opposite sides of the calendar.  Although I prefer an official Monday start, Sunday is the day I prepare for the week ahead and leave the previous one behind.  I clean, do my laundry, and in the evenings, I try to find the time to enjoy a few luxuries I am usually too busy for during the week. Since Montreal decided to man up and start winter this weekend, yesterday I decided a hot bath followed by a face mask, self tanner (I never look tan, just less like a vampire), and doing my nails was in order.  I am not one for sweet or strong fragrances so for moisturizers and soap, I prefer light herbal fragrances that won't fight with each other like the ones below.

1. Bliss body scrub in lemon + sage, this is great for my sensitive skin which can't handle a sugar scrub
2. Philosophy's microdelivery peel, absolutely the best exfoliant I've ever used and worth the $60
3. Moroccan Oil, enough said b/c who doesn't use this?
4. Bliss body butter, lemon + sage, thick and moisturizing but dries quickly
5. L'Occitane's lavender bubble bath, bubbly and relaxing
6. Nails Inc the Wyndam Collection, I love dark colors for nails but this adds some holiday sparkle and takes out the blah of ordinary navy
7.  Tan Towels, worth it! Easily packed for a vacation, you'll never have another streak, and quickly covers your whole body

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