December 12, 2011

A taste of Europe

My boyfriend knows I have a penchant for anything cute and European so for our anniversary this weekend, he took me to Quebec City (my packing list here).  The fluffy snow that fell Friday night created a beautiful snow globe over the quaint buildings that we thoroughly enjoyed exploring.  We wandered through the old city, looked in little stores, tasted local flavors, and appreciated the historic charm of Quebec.  It was freezing cold so most of our pictures I'm covered up to my nose in hats/scarves/coat but this also gave us a great excuse for hot chocolate breaks.  All in all it was the perfect weekend escape.

View from our hotel room at the Le Concorde

Breakfast at a local crêperie
We sat at the bar so we could watch

Gates to the old city, framing the beautiful buildings beyond

Sugar on snow - my boyfriend twirling maple syrup onto a popsicle stick.

Chocolate covered marshmallows in an adorable homemade candy store

We warmed up with french onion soup at the bar overlooking the river in the Château Frontenac

One last walk around the city before heading home

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