December 08, 2011

Tea Therapy

Everyone is always trying to give up coffee and replace it with tea.  I love coffee and have no qualms about calling myself an addict.  Nothing has quite the same intensity and flavor in the morning without being spiked so unless I'm visiting my Dad's family and sipping the traditional morning bloody mary, I need coffee.  I do however also love tea and do not feel the need to choose one over the other.  

This week I've started to feel the stress of year's end so I decided to stop by Camellia Sinensis for a relaxing cup of tea.  The maison de thé is right next door to me and offers a cozy and relaxing atmosphere sans wireless (I have to tear myself away from my computer) with an incredibly varied tea menu that will appeal to even the most fickle tea drinkers.

Maison de Thé Camellia Sinensis on Urbanspoon

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