December 07, 2011


As always happens at the end of the year, work has been getting crazier and crazier.  I've been busy preparing for a business trip to NYC, squeezing meetings into an already packed schedule before I leave, and then yesterday my cell phone died leaving me incommunicado for 5 hours.  In a job where your life is phone calls and networking (otherwise known as agency relations for a social media company) this was a disaster so instead of going to dinner as planned, all I wanted to do was curl up in comfy clothes with a good book. Fortunately, I am a cup half full kind of girl and know exactly what I need to lift my spirits.

1. Comfy Marc by Marc Jacobs Maripol T. They're super soft with adorable designs.
2. Soft flannel shorts. These are the perfect sleep shorts (I have the pink candy stripe).
3. Cozy fur throw. I bought one of these for my sister and an extra big one for myself to curl up in on the couch or to use as a guest blanket.  The quality is better than others I've felt and now you can get them monogrammed!
4. Snug Slippers. Their boots are cozy enough to be slippers but I love that I can easily slip my feet in and out of these pantoufles.
5. Good reading material.  On my list at the moment is December's Vogue, Gone With the Wind (a favorite I never tire of), Suite Française (excellent read, both romantic and dramatic, about lives in Paris during WWII)
6. Herbal tea. My mom always used to make me Sleepytime when I was stressed or sick and it never fails to calm and sooth
7. A journal. I have never been good at consistently writing in my journal but whenever I need an outlet, writing everything down and then following it with a tangible to do list is one of the best ways to de-stress.  I happen to love Moleskine as there is something so romantic about writing in the same book as Hemingway.

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  1. That blanket is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE things that I own....AHHHHMAZING