December 04, 2011

What face do you wear?

I think watches are one of the most important accessories one can wear.  They are as much functional (so much easier than fumbling in your purse for the time on your cell phone) as they are decorative and the watch one chooses says a lot about them.  Are you dainty silver, chunky gold, or sporty neon rubber?

I have personally owned several watches throughout my life including the ever popular calculator watch in 6th grade.  Two years ago I jumped on the Michael Kors gold watch bandwagon not knowing how popular it would become.  I honestly don't understand why everyone has this watch. Yes it is beautiful and is a statement whenever it is worn but there are so many others out there! I am now on the hunt for something a little more understated (silver or white) and no offense MK, but it will not be from you.  Here are my top selections:

1.  Fossil (also company that manufactures MK watches)
2. Lacoste
3. Marc by Marc Jacobs
4.  Marc by Marc Jacobs
5. Burberry
6. Briel
7. Marc by Marc Jacobs
8. Burberry


  1. Fossil also makes Marc Jacobs and Burberry watches! You just love fossil :-P and don't forget the most fantastic white watch of all....the Chanel J12....*'enVie-ous' swoon*

  2. So true! Why does no one buy fossil watches (except from that one episode of the Jersey Shore)?? I was trying to keep it to reasonably affordable watches :-)