December 05, 2011

My mini office

Since recently moving back to Montreal from New York City, my poor 1 bedroom condo is now bursting at the seams to hold 2 people's belongings (although I should specify that the ratio is more 75% me, 25% boyfriend).  I have also started working from home so finding a space for an office has been a huge challenge but a total necessity as snooze breaks are far too tempting working on the couch.

Rule of thumb for small spaces is always to have a light color palette so I moved a white desk into the small space between my living room and dining area.  I try to keep the surface as clutter free as possible so that our tiny apartment doesn't feel too jam packed. Plus clutter stresses me out.
  • My Moroccan basket (left of my desk) keeps scarves, hats, and current sewing projects on hand
  • This sleek laptop stand matches my Mac and keeps me posture perfect by elevating my computer
  • I hung up a framed photo of my sister and I rather than set it on my desk
  • Two standing lamps brighten and frame my mini office and leave more workspace available

Stuart Weitzman pumps

I often display a pair of pretty shoes as a reminder that someday summer will return

...and ready to work :-)


  1. So cute!!!!!! and so flattered I get to watch over you while you work like Jesus used to in Mrs. Himes' classroom

  2. OMGOSH i love your setup!! Really great for a small space and soooo tidy!!! I love the Weitzman nudge at summertime too LOL! i imagine your space in NYC was small too, right? and how GREAT is being by a window? I will miss that as my new place doesnt have a window in the onyl room outside my bedroom LOL that i can foresee putting an office space into. light of day is so key, it's the biggest part of what makes working in the winter so tough for me: grey everytday!!! :(