January 10, 2012

Blogging à la Montreal

One of my goals when I moved back to Montreal in October was to rediscover this city since the Montreal of my broke university self only got me as far as $2 noodles on St-Laurent (at 3:30 am) and cheap pitchers at Peel Pub.

Unfortunately my goal of going out every night, reviewing new restaurants, and exploring every weekend has been hindered by the all consuming tasks of starting a new job and buying a new condo.  I did however manage a virtual tour of the city by exploring Montreal's social media underworld and blogosphere.

Everyone knows NYC and LA are littered with bloggers but who knew Montreal would have so many? I have been pleasantly surprised to discover how large and varied the social media world is here and have listed below a few of the interesting local blogs whose posts have opened my eyes to a new layer of this beautiful city.

I'm a huge fan of strong independent voices and Fashionista514's moody views are always enticing to read.  I love her edgy photos, original content, and streams of consciousness.

As much as I want a family someday, the anticipation of motherhood often brings a sense of foreboding that my life will end the day I have a baby.  Lake Jane assuages my fears by providing a reassuring example of young and stylish motherhood.

Lola & Emily has long been one of my favorite Montreal boutiques.  Little did I know that they also have a blog full of colorful fashion commentary and insight into the the lives of the owners.

Update: Thanks to Lola & Emily for generously featuring a response to this post here.

It's rare you find a blog as well written as Le cheap c'est chic. The posts offer experienced fashion advice from a Parisian in Montreal and I envy the clear, strong, and confident voice with which it is given.

It's a delight every morning to peruse the gorgeous photo shoots on Heartychic.

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