January 04, 2012

Don't freeze for fashion

I have needed a new winter parka since last year and Montreal's recent cold snap finally spurred me into action.  I loved the look of my last parka but quickly discovered that my desire to be warm was inversely proportional to caring about looks.  This year practicality came first.

Since long down jacket are the warmest, I had been coveting the Canada Goose Kensington Parka for months but because I also choked at the $700-$800 price, I was thrilled when I found this Pajar jacket on sale here and here (a brand usually known for their winter boots).  

I instantly fell in love with both the practicality and style of this coat.  It is long, warm, has a fur lined hood, saved me $300 over the Canada Goose equivalent, and is a Montreal plateau-based brand! I love an opportunity to buy local and am looking forward to standing out from the myriad of Canada Goose labels walking around the city.  

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