January 16, 2012

Rainbow bright

Maybe it's having spent so much time in black spandex as a dancer or maybe it's living in a cold northeastern city for so long but over the last few years, I seem to be choosing neutrals more and more over color.  It's not that I don't like color, it's that color takes a certain amount of effort for me to wear since I don't want my pale skin to disappear into the background and I just simply feel more comfortable in neutrals - they're timeless, don't fade, and go with everything.

One of my resolutions this year however is to reunite with color (which will hopefully be easy since a neutral wardrobe lends itself to blending with brighter hues).  Although it is a little outside my current comfort zone, I'm looking forward to embracing colors since they have the wonderful ability to lighten your mood, help you focus, make an outfit more interesting, winter less dull, and (when chosen well) can do the work of makeup by bringing warmth to your skin.

I forged ahead with my new mission this weekend and rather than continuing to de-gouz-a-phone my daily wear (weapon used by rainbow brite's arch nemesis), dug through my closet for warm colors to offset the -30 degree weather.  With a simple bun as an ode to my dancer days, I thus started the process of becoming best friends (once again!) with the rainbow.

Next step: Colored denim

Gap scarf from highschool, H&M sweater and blouse,
Mexx pearls, Joe's jeans, Tiffany's earrings

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