February 03, 2012

On the Green

A few years ago, my office in Montreal was located right next to the Bell Centre.  This was perfect for hockey and midday shopping but not great for quick and affordable lunch options - until I learned about Green.

This surprisingly affordable petit cafe is hidden a few steps from Ste-Catherine's on Drummond and used to be my go to for lunch, allowing me to easily escape the office and relax for an hour.  I now work from home in the Quartier Latin so unfortunately my trips to Green are less frequent.  Yesterday however I was missing my old haunt and left early for a downtown meeting so as to enjoy my favorite salad (pictured below) and treat myself to their famous fruit brownies (not sure what they're called but they're amazing!).

My favorite goat cheese salad (a close second: their tuna salad)

Warm goat cheese...yumm

 Favorite treat: their fruit brownie bar (or whatever it is called)

Lamp I have been coveting that hangs above their cafe tables

Wonderful teas and espresso beans √† emporter

Green grass welcomes you - planted above the entry way

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  1. I eat here soooo often! It's SOOO good! The Tropical Green tea is my fave and i almost always get the Tuna salad. There's also a gem of a sandwich spot like two doors down, towards ste. caths. It's called Joe's panini. SOOO cheap. SOOO good!