March 20, 2012

Angelic shortcake

I've always been a creature of my environment and thus a chameleon with the weather.  Too many cold rainy days in a row and I become endlessly lethargic but given a dose of warmth and sun, I instantly perk up with energy and inspiration.

As I'll probably state about 10 more times this week, the weather in Montreal is amazing at the moment and is leading me to a much more productive week than I've had in a while.  To kick things off, I made almost every summer food I could think of this weekend as overcompensation for my lack of initiative during the last few weeks of rain.

One of my favorite concoctions was a lovely lemon scented angel food cake that is light, only 100 calories/piece, and even has 3 grams of protein (12 egg whites baby).  I used this recipe but converted the final presentation to a strawberry shortcake by whipping strawberry yogurt and adding sliced strawberries.


  1. Oh my gosh! That looks amazing!!!!

  2. THANKS MEG now I'm drooling and I'm not allowed to eat sweets until after the tough mudder......wahhh it looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!!