March 16, 2012

Color Blocked, yes. Mental block, no.

O.P.I. colors in Shorts Story and Collins Ave.

I'm finally crawling out from under piles of to do lists and recently had an hour of downtime... otherwise known as my long 11:30am conference call.

While I'm sure my colleagues have plenty of important things to say, I cannot possibly focus on the voices on the other end of the phone for a whole hour without multitasking.  Unfortunately emails are too distracting (and lead to embarrassing ummm's when I'm asked a question) but simply listening too easily allows my mind to wander.

Yesterday I gave in to temptation while starring at 2 nail colors on my desk and happily realized that doing my nails provided the perfect amount of mindless entertainment to allow me to stay focused on my meeting.

Color blocked, check.  Intelligent response at minute 46, check.


  1. great nail colors!

  2. LOL!!! love that you combined them though! These two are great colours for this season.

  3. These colours together are amazing! I love it! It reminds me of one of my recent outfits, I have a pair of boat shoes in similar shades! Hopefully you can stop by my personal style blog sometime too :) :)

  4. love the nail colors!

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