March 15, 2012

Spring has almost sprung

Montreal's weather has been yo-yoing between -3 and 15 degrees (that's celsius, 7 years in Canada and I'm finally fluent) and with each upswing towards spring, I cross my fingers that the warm weather is here to stay.  Although mother nature is still bringing the occasional snow storm, one of my favorite signs that spring is coming is the abundance of flowers - crocus buds pushing through brown grass, daffodils lining driveways, and hyacinths scenting grocery store isles.  

Since hyacinths are by far the most cost effective way to brighten and scent a room (only about $6 and last for a few weeks), I currently have pink ones sitting on my desk next to an afternoon snack of heart shaped macaroons.


  1. Love this post- so spring!! La Maison du Macaron makes heart shaped macaroons?! How deeeelish is that place?! Have been addicted for like 2 years now. Hands down best macarrons in Montreal. And the spring flowers are the best! The weather this w/e should be amazing! Makes up for this week of gloomy humid weather which makes me want to sleeeepppp. lol!

  2. Ah love!!! So glad you're back :-) This is EXACTLY the color scheme I think of when I think of you