March 30, 2012

When life hands you lemons

I just started using Pinterest (which is embarrassing since I work as a social media consultant) and now understand all the fuss.  It is by far the easiest way to share and organize images and so much simpler than storing them on a computer.... especially helpful when your desktop is full of folders with pictures.

Pinning also has a way of pointing out trends that you like and recently led me to realize that I have a mild obsession this season with yellow, citron, and mustard hues. This sunny color is cheerful, energetic, and sophisticated which is why I've recently bought a lemon blazer (which I intend on wearing with black pants and white top) and loose neon yellow tee.

Some of the other lemony confections I've discovered recently and you can find on one on my pinterest boards:


  1. I love Pinterest! I use it regularly and I love it!

    1. me too! I'm so addicted now! I just started a board for dressing my boyfriend :-)