April 10, 2012

Lovely Traditions

This past weekend I went home to Vermont to spend the holiday with my parents and sister.  One of my favorite things about any holiday are the rituals and traditions that go along with it and in my family, Easter is no exception.  Every year we celebrate several Easter traditions including one of the two annual trips to church (the other being Christmas Eve), a gourmet brunch at J.Morgan's in Montpelier, and lazy afternoon naps.  My favorite traditions however are reserved for Easter morning when my mom still indulges my sister and I with Easter baskets and a competitive Easter egg hunt in the living room.

Every year we receive the same baskets (made by my grandmother) and look forward to at least one really good book (this year I received a party planning cookbook from the Barefoot Contessa), and trinkets, jelly beans, and chocolate nestled in that delightful plastic grass.


  1. Really cute!! Sounds like a fun Easter :)

    The pink walls are somewhere in the plateau LOL, no idea where exactly!

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  3. aww sounds like so much fun and the picture is so cute xx