April 03, 2012

September in Italia

Our first day wondering around Venice

My computer conveniently decided that Monday was the day it needed its hard drive replaced so I spent the majority of yesterday reinstalling my files and trying to work with only my cell phone.  By 4:00 I was in desperate need of a calming mental distraction.  Fortunately I also had to sync up iphoto with my photo library and decided to scan through some pics of my trip to Italy with my Dad last September.  Reminiscing about all the fun we had and beautiful places we visited served as the perfect afternoon break and now I'm itching to plan a return visit.  Here is a snapshot of our trip:

Loved this blue car in our favorite piazza

Perhaps the only tree in Venice

Rialto market where we snacked our way through the morning

There's no place like Florence
Florentine horizon
View from an ocean lounge of our hotel in Sorrento
This is where I would have been 2,000 years ago - the Pompeii bakery
That's where the rich people lived, one of Rome's seven hills
A little restaurant we frequented in Rome with tiramisu to die for
12:00am during Rome's Fashion Night Out, cashmere boutique
Apparently Italian nun's love their cashmere sweaters as much as the next girl

Beautiful and nearly deserted castle that briefly distracted us from the hustle and bustle of Rome
This wouldn't be an Italy photo album without a pizza pic

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