April 11, 2012

A white slate

My boyfriend and I moved into our new condo at the end of January yet despite the motivation that the original 80s mauve/brown/white scheme gave me to redecorate ASAP, the planned changes have been moving along a bit more slowly than planned.  I am, for better or worse, incredibly picky when it comes to interior design.

Last week however I had finally had enough of the slow progress and decided that at minimum, my poor curtains (purchased a month ago) needed a home over our windows within the next week.  Unfortunately the search for affordable curtain rods for all 11 windows has been a long and frustrating one.  Fortunately, the cure for "impossible to find a reasonably priced option in montreal" is usually a hop over the border to the US so this weekend, while home for the Easter holiday, I finally found an affordable and attractive option in Vermont.

Although still bare, my living room is now a beautiful and airy clean slate for future decor.

White on white and cream keeps the space open and sunny

Since our ceilings are only 8ft tall, I chose tab curtains and installed the rods close to the ceiling to create long columns of fabric and give the windows/walls an elongating effect.  As our windows are narrow, I also left about 8 inches of rod on either side of the window frame so the window is not hidden when the curtains are open.

Now to replace this hideous black TV stand with an actual piece of furniture....
Our living room, original brown/mauve stripes and all


  1. I like the white curtains. It is very breezy and summery feeling. We have SO much to do in our house. We moved in the middle of June and we still haven't hung all of the art work and wall accessories. Ah, one day maybe!!



  2. your space is huuuuge, my tiny studio would take up not even half of that. honestly, i wouldn't know how to decorate such a big space, i'd get so stressy! just like you, i'm really particular..but also impatient. i'd want it all done asap! haha good luck though :)