May 14, 2012

Traveling Saleswoman: Sin City

April marked the beginning of a slew of upcoming trips, both for business and pleasure.  I travel pretty frequently for work so when personal trips get in the mix, I feel like I'm living out of a suitcase.  Not that I'm complaining, for the most part I really enjoy jet-setting: new places, seeing old friends, and pretending to be a chic traveler in airports - sunglasses inside anyone?  It's an added bonus, I'm probably the only person who looks forward to trans-atlantic plane food - so many cute mini items on one tray!  There's also something weirdly enjoyable about the slight flavor of preservatives... maybe it's because I was never allowed to eat them as a child, it's like chemically altered/plastic packaged forbidden fruit.

I just returned from trip #1, a delightfully warm and sunny stay in Vegas.  Having recently been to Italy with my Dad, staying at the Venetian brought back lovely memories and gave me an appreciation for the mini Venice Vegas created.  The juxtaposition however of the romantic St.Mark's Square with tourists teetering around in stripper shoes and bursting out of bandage dresses was a constant reminder that it was an imitation.  One has to embrace that side of Vegas though and I made sure to pack my gold lame dress to do just that.

One trip down, several more to go: Vermont, Mexico, London, Boston, New York City, Chicago, and Toronto over the next 2 months.

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