July 25, 2012

Midsummer Dining

I may be one of the only northerners in Montreal who has relished the unusually warm summer this year.  So often Montreal never gets above 24 degrees (75 degrees for my fahrenheit friends) and I'm stuck lugging a cardigan around everywhere I go.  This year we've had wonderfully hot weather that has allowed me to actually use the summer wardrobe I accumulated out of necessity last year when living in NYC... and luckily for me, my straight hair also loves the humidity (although the rest of me not so much!).

I will admit I've never appreciated having central air to this extent in my life (also the first time I've ever had it) but these hot days lead to one of my favourite things - warm summer evenings that inspire light fresh fare for dinner and digestifs on the balcony before bed.

Fresh produce from the farmer's market

Endive and avocado salad from my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook

Homemade pizza crust (literally could not be an easier recipe!), recipe here and also from my Barefoot Contessa Parties! cookbook.
I added rosemary to mine.

One of my favourite summer cocktails with a twist - blueberry mohito

Homemade caramel ice cream with toasted pecans and mini rolo's (my boyfriend's favourite).
This is the caramel chocolate nut ice cream by Ina Garten. I substituted chocolate for rolo's.


  1. Um you are becoming a regular domestic goddess!!! All of this looks amazing and you seriously made it from scratch?? So impressed. And jealous that I don't have a balcony and all this food to eat!

  2. Yumm I am a little jealous. looks amazing girl!
    Fabulous post love!
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    Morgan Brooks