August 03, 2012

Silk Damask

I hate wearing suits, in fact I avoid them like the plague.  Although I admit a good suit quickly makes you look sharp and professional, most of the time I find them impersonal and always feel too rigid and confined inside one.   For a woman, I also think it is the safe and lazy way to dress nicely for work as there are so many more fun and inspiring options out there.

Unless you work in one of the few professions that still demands a suit (like law or finance), it is certainly not necessary to wear one anymore and the only one I own is collecting dust in the closet despite the many client meetings I go to every week.

I work mainly with PR/Marketing/Advertising agencies who tend to be on the relaxed and trendy end of the work attire spectrum so I can get away with slightly more casual outfits.  Replace the t-shirt with a white blouse and the wedges with nude pumps though and you really can't go wrong.

Club Monaco blazer, Mango shirt, AKA New York silk damask pants, Steve Madden wedges, Michael Kors watch, opal and gold necklace

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