September 26, 2012

Autumn deadlines

Apples that went into a celebratory Montreal marathon pie

One thing I've continued since my competitive dancing days is writing down my goals, both longterm and short-term. It helps focus me on the things I want to accomplish and seeing them inked into a sheet of paper makes them feel official and even more exciting and tangible... also helps hold me accountable since I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Knowing myself to be this terrible procrastinator, the antidote is usually a deadline so I decided back in January that this was the year I was going to start a real list of New Year's resolutions and stick to it.

I've got just about 3 months left to make sure everything gets a check mark and yesterday I reread my list so I could make a plan to finish anything I'd missed.

My list from January (still working on the red ones):
  1. Run a half marathon - unofficially checked off (update coming soon)
  2. Keep up the blog - Mmmm... better get cooking on this and make Q4 count
  3. Stay in touch with my scattered friends and family - Handwritten cards, emails, and phone calls check!
  4. Receive permanent residency in Canada - should be next month, almost check!
  5. Take a class with my boyfriend - To do! Trying to decide cooking or dancing...

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