September 21, 2012

Walls fit for a princess

Photo: Gucci

Since purchasing our condo in January, my boyfriend and I have slowly been renovating and decorating throughout the summer.  Our biggest project to date has been renovating the kitchen but my priority has been my office.

I have always been somewhat of a chameleon with my surroundings - disorganized chaos leaves me completely stressed out but in a clean, clear, and calm surrounding I am the epitome of productiveness.  Unfortunately I'm also terrible at making decorating decisions quickly so the office is still in it's pink (previously baby room) bliss.  

After finally making the decision to wallpaper one wall and paint the others, I've been scouring the internet for patterns and came across this video of Gucci's Flora pattern being turned into wallpaper.  

After finding the video I then found out that the print was originally made as a scarf for Princess Grace Kelly!  Although florals often look dated on walls, this one is so fresh and vibrant it's made me reconsider ruling out flowers. It also keeps making think of how great it would have looked on one wall of Carrie Bradshow's cobalt blue apartment.  

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