September 28, 2012

Folded Flat

While doing the laundry this past weekend, I got abnormally angry with my fitted sheets that were simply not folding into anything other than a big lumpy pile of wrinkles.  In actual fact, I wasn't doing the laundry so much as finally breaking down and folding the sheets that had been sitting on top of the dryer for almost a week because I just hate trying to fit a giant bed scrunchy into a flat square.  It was time for a change.

When confronted with a domestic crisis such as this, there's no one else to look to but Martha.  Sure enough, I wasn't disappointed when I finally broke down and googled "how to fold a fitted sheet".  Not only did have great written instructions, there was even a video depicting the exact technique.  Despite an audience member having an unusually hard time in the video, it's actually quite easy.

I'm now looking forward to a lifetime of my sheets being folded flat into lovely thirds within a few seconds.  For anyone else craving this same bliss, here is the video:

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