September 07, 2012

Home for Labor Day

Growing up on the outskirts of a 5,000 person town in rural Vermont meant peace, quiet, and not much else.  If however you could make it until the end of August, you'd enjoy my home town's one weekend in the entire year where it would dress up and play host with a Labor Day fair and parade down the 1 mile center of town (which on a normal day, you might miss by blinking).  This was always an event not to be missed in a town where the next greatest thing was going to Cumberland Farm's (Cumby's) and getting brain freeze drinking slurpy's.

I've been going to the fair and parade almost every year since I was a little girl and although it has now dwindled in size due to the economy and perhaps the adult lense through which I now view it, Labor Day in Northfield will forever be special for me.

Another part of our Labor Day tradition is my parent's annual barbecue which is still going strong.  This year it was made even more special by inaugurating their newly renovated kitchen and since my kitchen at home is small, I couldn't wait to test out theirs by helping my mom with party prep.  

To celebrate the lovely summer past and unofficial start to fall, we had fresh salads, corn, and barbecued chicken on the porch followed by light summer desserts on the patio.  

(Above: One of my new favorite recipes from the Barefoot Contessa - Fresh citrus scented cake with strawberries and whipped cream)

Wonderfully delicious chocolate nut cake made by a family friend/excellent chef.  
I love the decoration of edible flowers.  These are nasturtiums but Johnny Jumpups also work!

I always have to have a little of everything and in this case, it meant going back for thirds.

View of my parent's driveway from the front patio in the morning. 

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