September 17, 2012

Personal Trainers

When I first heard of the hidden wedge sneaker trend I just couldn't decide - do I love them or do I hate them?  I've since decided that combining the comfort and traction of sneakers with the height of heels is genius and have been searching for a pair that will magically make my legs look inches taller without anyone being the wiser.

Since I can't bring myself to spend $200+ on them (ala Isabel Marant), I've been searching for a more affordable alternative.  Unfortunately, the ones I've seen have either been too sporty or just ugly.  This weekend however my friend introduced me to this pair of trainers from Topshop and I can't wait to place my order!

Not only are they affordable and all leather but the wedge is removable so if you're feet get tired they can convert into flats.

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