October 31, 2012

A Strategy in SSENSE

Despite my current hiatus on shopping with the intent to purchase, I still ooo and ahh over online shopping sites way too often and it's not just to ogle those "maybe if I save for 2 years I can afford it" items.  It's kind of nerdy but I just love watching and comparing the ever changing digital marketing and branding strategies utilized by online retailers. Because the space is exceedingly competitive, it forces innovation and creativity at work is always tantalizing, to me at least (I guess I'm in the right business!).

ssense.com is a frequent stop of mine as it is one of the few retailers based in Montreal and a smaller boutique with an international reputation - Gwyneth Paltrow even shops here!  Plus, ever since my boyfriend worked at SSENSE a few years ago I've had a soft spot for them (although no longer the employee discount unfortunately!).  In a digital world saturated with online shopping they've managed to stay totally unique - their minimalist look and avant-garde photo shoots stand out  from so many other sites, and more importantly they evolve.  Dare I say lead?

Screen shot of the ssense.com homepage

Recently, they made the brilliant move (in my opinion) to combine a fashion blog feel into the home page of their site.  Now when you visit their page, rather than a photo shoot as a landing page, they dangle interesting interviews and short articles about fashion.  Currently on their site is a Pierre Hardy interview, Mackage interview, and updates about global fashion events - mainly surrounding brands they just happen to carry (bien sur)!

Screen shot of the short Chloe article on ssense.com

Although most online retailers have some form of a blog with fashion world insights and many magazines and bloggers link to sites where featured products can be purchased, this is the first time I've seen a really good and complete fusion of the two ideas together, creating a sort of fashion epicenter.

Mackage interview on ssense.com

No longer do I need to get my hit of fashion news from a blog or magazine then find a retailer for my ensuing fashion high.  SSENSE is keeping everyone all hot and bothered right from their enticing home page which now barely references their retail merchandise. It shows they know their audience, know fashion, have the confidence to show a landing page without the typical sale sign, and cunningly understand that if I read an article about an exhibit commemorating the iconic Chloe label or an interview with the adorable Mackage owners I am oh so likely to click the "Shop Chloe" or "Shop Mackage" link so thoughtfully provided.  Bravo guys. | Shop Now | ssense.com |

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  1. I've never heard of this retailer before but I'll definitely be checking them out! I love the look of their website, it's so clean.
    Isn’t That Charming.