October 25, 2012

Anthropologie in Montreal - heated debate ensues

For over a year I've been walking past an empty storefront in downtown Montreal with a handmade Anthropologie sign hanging in the window.  It didn't look like much progress was being made so imagine my surprise and delight when I visited one of my favorite online shopping stops this week and was greeted with this:

Unfortunately this was not just a friendly message to people in Montreal as I thought, Anthropologie took its site down in Quebec just like Club Monaco and Urban Outfitters.

I have yet to really scope out the store (an excursion for this weekend) however I am already disappointed to see that Quebec has sensored yet another website because of its lack of a french version - feels like we live in China!!  And I am not the only one who is disappointed, the Montreal Gazette has a great discussion here about Anthropologie, the website down backlash, and the censorship Quebec imposes on these businesses.  If we want to compete with the cross border shopping traffic, we need to make it more accessible for businesses to invest in Quebec if you ask me.

And just like magic, as I'm about to write a whole rant on this subject, I check Anthropologie's website again for a screenshot and low and behold, it has reappeared! Its ears must have been burning....

I don't know whether they are waving the flag of defiance at the Charte de la langue francaise, have a sixth sense about my annoyance, or if the ban was lifted but no matter the case, let's just hope the government doesn't pull another China on the fashionistas.

UPDATE:  All sites are back down, must have been an aberration - Stop teasing us!!

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  1. noooooooooo! i was so stoked when i found your blog and saw this post just yesterday - i love anthropologie! and now it's all back down again, those fuckers!!!!!!!!!