November 06, 2012

New love, forgotten accessory

White kid-skin gloves that belonged to my grandmother

Ever since I splurged on soft leather gloves in Italy, gloves have become one of my favourite accessories.  Back when women used to actually dress up for the ballet, never left home without their hats, and called bags pocket books, there was such an elegance to getting dressed each day; the long list of required accessories like sugar flowers on a beautifully iced cake.  Although I'm not sure I can bring myself to wear a ladylike hat or silk stockings regularly (although I love the look of a cigarette holder - sans cigarette), gloves are a forgotten tradition that I'm now obsessed with.

They can help channel everything from Breakfast At Tiffany's to biker-chic and instantly add another layer of interest to an outfit.  My fall jackets are also getting a longer season this year thanks to elbow length gloves that add another layer of warmth.

In a city where the approaching winter often means black and grey non-descript bundles of clothing trudging through the streets, gloves are also a refreshingly practical accessory that provide warmth and an easy way to maintain a certain amount of personal style in your own bundle.

No post about gloves would be complete without Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's

Eating a croissant with satin gloves 

Betty Draper in Mad Men
Adore the 1950s for their daily use of gloves, even in the summer

Wrist gloves with a dress or short sleeves, my new favourite

Leather gloves from Italy

Who can forget Carry Bradshaw turning lemons into lemonade and seeing the loss of her cell phone as a good excuse to break out the gloves.

New love from Soia & Kyo

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