November 30, 2012

Taking the ombre plunge

I would definitely call myself blonde but my natural color is sort of a darkish/medium/honey/strawberry tone - certainly not to be confused with "dirty blonde" (hate that term!).  Since I'm usually pretty terrified of trying anything new with my hair (it took me 20 years to work up the courage to get highlights), I was so proud of myself when I recently took the plunge with bangs.  

Since cutting them about 3 months ago however, I've discovered a new appreciation for my natural hair color.  Maybe it's because we're headed into winter but the darker frame around my face warms me up and is such a nice change from blond highlights.  

Unfortunately I still have 6 month-old highlights to contend with so I had a consultation with my stylist last week to get suggestions for a more finished look without drastically changing the colour.  The resulting recommendation (and my appointment tomorrow!) is to just work with and finish the preheated ombre I've already got going on.

It sounded like a great idea a week ago and now that the appointment is tomorrow, I'm having my usual freakout when I'm about to try something new.  Biggest question? Is the ombre over and if not, can it work with naturally straight hair?.  After much contemplation and google imaging, I've finally decided stick straight girls can still rock a well blended, a few tones lighter ombre.  The clincher was Lauren Conrad's November 2012 cover - straight ombre'd hair.

Like any good control freak, I always bring photos to the salon.  At my sister's suggestion (she's much more adventurous with her hair than I am), it helps to bring what you like but ALSO what you don't like.  

Here are some of the pics in my bag for tomorrow:

This is too pale for me and not graduated enough.  I want mine to be more blended and not so contrasty.

Ok so she's not blond but Rachel Bilson's ombre is famous for being perfect.

Short I know but I love the tone of her ends, sun-kissed tips!

They did a great job of blending Leighton Meester's color upwards and choosing tones that are still warm and work with the natural color.

Whitney Port has very similar hair to mine and I love how natural this looks on her.  My perfect example.

And if the world announces the death of the ombre in a few months, good news!  I can just chop the ends.

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