November 28, 2012

The first floor project

Chandelier in the dining room, gift from my boyfriend's parents

A few weeks ago I finally revealed my kitchen remodel (here) so I thought I would share the rest of my first floor.  Although it's definitely been relaxing to have a respite from home improvement projects (and a break from sawdust covered everything), I'm now looking forward to finishing the rest of the sparse space.  

When we first moved in, I had a couch, tiny table with 4 chairs, a boring coffee table and ugly black TV stand.  That was it.  I still have the coffee table but since January, we've gradually added a few more pieces of furniture that we love.  Since I've also donated my "pre-loved" pieces to my grad school sister, it's still looking a little empty but I'm hoping to warm everything up with an area rug, new slipcover and throw pillows on the couch, comfy chair for reading under the living room windows,  mirrors on the wall and printed photos of Montreal for art, bar cart for parties, and wallpaper and *colored* curtains in the dining room.  

In tandem with this project, it's also onward and upward to the second floor where my office really needs some help.

Eiffel Tour in the corner of our dining room, made by my boyfriend's father

We loved this table for the beautiful knots and interesting colors/textures of the wood

The staircase sold me on this place.  I've been waiting a year to be able to decorate it for the holidays! 

View from the living room to the dining room

My sad looking couch will hopefully get a facelift soon with a new cover - grey or linen, can't decide!

Can't wait to throw away that old lamp in the corner but it's the only one we've got for the moment!

Credenza that we're using as a TV stand and offers plenty of storage for our living room

A classic forever and was on my birthday wishlist in October!

Pile of debris in the corner of the living room - it has been here so long that I don't notice it anymore, not a good thing!

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