November 02, 2012

This Weekend's List

 Old Port, Montreal

I seem to spend so few weekends at home that when I finally have one, I don't know what to do with myself and can never remember all the fun things I never have time for until Monday. To counteract this problem (and the sleep all day/watch TV all night possibility) I love making lists of fun things to remember.

A few of the things on my list at the moment:
  1. Visit some new (to me) vintage stores in Montreal with a friend
  2. Shop the amazing sales at The Bay and Holt Renfrew (basically no tax on anything this weekend so I may have to put my shopping ban on pause...eek, I have a problem).
  3. Host a Kitchen-is-finally-remodelled dinner party for family with a fun fall table centerpiece
  4. Buy the $20 necklace at The Bay that I can't stop thinking about
  5. See if Ben & Jerry's will honor the "free cone on your birthday" a few days after the actual day
  6. Go to Omer Deserres (Montreal craft store) and get inspired for a new art project
  7. Start the new art project!
  8. Pick a wallpaper for my office wall and start the remodel
  9. Go on a run
  10. Take my boyfriend shopping because he desperately needs a new wardrobe
  11. Brunch with my parents who are passing through this weekend on the way to a ballroom dance competition in Quebec
  12. Take more leisurely walks through the Old Port
  13. Check out the florist on Duluth and St-Denis for winter bouquets
Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm leaving you with tales of my last shopping expedition...

These are some photos of my hurried walk through the Old Port to the Marche Bonsecours a few weeks ago for the annual fashion sample sale - La Grande Braderie de Mode.  It's a fabulous sale where Quebec designers get rid of last season's samples at 50%-80% off which also means it turns into a fashion feeding frenzy.  The only way to survive it (and not end up crying in a corner amidst the chaos) is to get there early (or just at an odd hour) the first day and have specific pieces in mind.

This year I wanted a leather jacket and walked out with exactly that plus a few other impulse buys I just couldn't resist:

Soia & Kyo: leather jacket ($200 down from $500 retail), leather gloves ($30 down from $80)
Mackage: 2 blouses for $30 each

Historical building and museum next to Place Jacques Cartier

 Empty cobble stone street next to a secret walled in garden

Last fall leaves clinging to a vine

Turning the corner to Marche Bonsecours

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