November 27, 2012

West Elm - to market, to market

One of my favourite home decor stores is West Elm, Pottery Barn's younger hipper sister (don't worry, I still love you PB!).  A few months ago they announced a new department, West Elm Market, designed to be a "total home toolkit".  I love when stores take typically unappealing and ugly house necessities (like brooms, hoses, and buckets) and give them a little panache - turn them into something you're excited to use and not afraid to keep in plain site.

Although I'm not sure I'll shell out over $100 for a broom and dust pan, they're certainly prettier than the old blue plastic ones current in my closet.

A few of the items that can spice up your home:

Rainbow hoses - this I would buy! (if I didn't live in a condo of course)

Love you but... maybe if it's part of your art budget?

I've always loved old school medical bags so I fell for this one designed for tools.  Trying to decide if it would fit my drill.

Isn't your storage closet cuter when the tools have soft labeled bags?

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