November 12, 2012

Worthwhile Deals

I originally signed up for emails from sites like Groupon and LivingSocial because in the US at least, there are lots of fun classes and discounts at local stores included.  Since moving back to Montreal however, I've been disappointed to see that most of the offers are for restaurants or spas that are in the suburbs, kind of boring and not any place I'm easily able to get to from downtown (no car).

Last week however I surprised myself by purchasing 2 coupons, first time in over a year!  I realized after the second one that both involved having things delivered to my home, good ol' laziness.

I thought I'd share them since the first one taught me about a new company (or new to me anyway) that I will likely continue to use if they do a good job and the second will solve my need for a real tree at Christmas without the $60 I usually have to shell out.

1. Delivered Dry Cleaning

I have actually been searching for a new dry cleaner and my dry clean only pile has been growing.  I was about to bite the bullet and take the 15 minute walk to my old one when I came across this coupon.  Their prices without the coupon are standard and pickup/delivery is free in downtown!

You can even have it delivered to your office!

View the deal here

2. Christmas Tree Delivery

Being from Vermont and growing up on a dirt road in the forest, plastic trees are sacrilegious on Christmas and not even considered as an option.  I didn't realize how widespread the plastic tree epidemic was until I moved to a city and everyone gets the tree out of the basement.  You can even buy "tree scent" to recreate the smell of a real tree without the hassle.

The hassle is half the fun in my opinion, when else can you have a giant tree inside your home?  If you're like me and the feel and smell of a real tree is second to none, this deal gets a tree for nearly half the cost of buying it in the city AND delivers it to your door.

View the deal here

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