December 18, 2012

Hazelnut-Almond Dacquoise

Final product

The end of the year is always busy with festive events but for me, it's multiplied as most of my yearly celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) happen within a few months of each other.  I always try and make sure that each feels special though so no one suffers from the kid with the December 26th birthday syndrome.

As mentioned here, my boyfriend gave me a mixer for my birthday in October so for his birthday this past week, I thought I would put it to good use and try a new cake recipe.  The recipe was also a birthday present actually and comes from a fabulous baking book (gifted from my sister) from Boston's famous Flour bakery (recipe here).

The entire process took 2 days, I prepared all the icings and meringue layers the day before then assembled everything the following evening.  After the first bite and the look on my boyfriend's face though (eyes rolled back and everything), it was definitely worth the effort.

I've always loved chocolate ganache (who doesn't really... chocolate and heavy cream mixed together) and with light chewy meringue layers and an espresso buttercream filling in all the gaps, this cake was a calorie filled delightful treat that has become a new favourite. It also happens to be so rich that it is the first cake where 1 piece was enough for my boyfriend (read: lasts longer in the fridge).


If you have to ask how much butter went into this, you shouldn't eat it.


Same goes for the heavy cream used to make the ganache.


There is something endlessly satisfying about melting chocolate.


The meringue gets piped into rectangles, baked, then trimmed to the same shape.


Ganache piped between 2 layers of meringue.


Espresso buttercream waiting to glue the final meringue layer on top and crumb coat the whole cake.


Crumb coated and ready for the final touches!


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