December 14, 2012

Bonne Fête!

Love the red alligator skin wrapping paper I found at Winners!

I'm always trying to get my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday but being the mellow relaxed fellow that he is, he usually prefers a low key dinner just the two of us to celebrate.  This year I decided to surprise him by decorating our condo and preparing a mini birthday party of two.

I'm somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to craft supplies and hate throwing  perfectly good things away, even if I don't have a use for them.  I've had a giant pile of coloured paper for years that has been saved through 3 apartment moves and it finally found a purpose.  I made a birthday sign (bonne fête in french), confetti, festive birthday glasses, and decorated our pendant lights.

All in all it was creatively satisfying and the perfect backdrop for a candle lit birthday.

Our dining room window

The chandelier got a basketball makeover

Sangria glasses ready for a fiesta

He has an unusual love of straws so I made sure they were on full display

Cute magnet I found at the back of a kitchen drawer

Candlelit bar for appetizers

Presents and table set for dinner

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