December 20, 2012

Cafe Universel

Cafe Universel

As mentioned here, I love a good brunch and yet for some reason, Cafe Universel has escaped me all these years.  I only recently discovered this cosy well priced breakfast nook one block from my house when my boyfriend googled brunch restaurants one lazy Saturday morning.

As a brunch aficionado, I have a few different categories for restaurants - fancy gourmet, diner, good hearty breakfast, cheap (maybe not as good as you remember) nostalgic places, etc.  Cafe Universel is certainly in the reliable hearty breakfast category with a whole menu dedicated to different breakfast offerings. They offer hearty portions, reasonable prices, good homemade (i.e. not frozen) home fries, fresh fruit, lots of coffee, and friendly reliable service.

I also give them extra points for having a menu with savory/sweet options (eliminating the breakfast dilemna of waffles or eggs), pumpernickel bread as a staple, no extra charges for coffee, and real maple syrup - like the kind that comes from a maple tree.  The location closest to me is a more typical relaxed breakfast place but there is another location downtown on Peel that's a bit more upscale (although same menu/prices) and has an outdoor seating area.

Although not exceedingly unique, sometimes these reliable basic places are the spots you return to for years to come, I know I will!

Cafe Universel

I couldn't believe this was real - usually genuine maple syrup is offered in tiny one serving containers!

Cafe Universel

I went with the waffles and eggs a few weekends ago and would also highly recommend the vegetarian omelette - my favorite on their menu.  On a slight side not - for some reason, 9 times out of 10 I get a larger portion than my boyfriend at restaurants.  He was a little jealous of this stack of yummy potatoes, lucky for him I can never finish this much food so it wound up on his plate anyway.

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  1. this place looks perfect! i love cozy, well-priced breakfasts :) x