December 05, 2012

Art or Frivolous Fashion?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson with the original backpack

As much as the original crocodile backpack from The Row shocked and amazed me when it sold out at $39,000 last year, there's an even bigger doozy this week.  Yesterday I read about the new collaboration between the Olson twins and artist Damien Hirst (whose artwork has sold for $3 million in the past apparently).

The new croc backpack was co-designed by Damien and includes an ode to pill popping and his signature polka dots.  It sells for $55,000 and there will probably be a feeding frenzy when these signed pieces hit stores December 12th given that there are only 12 being made.  I guess if you look at each bag as a piece of art rather than a bag the amount is a little easier to wrap your mind around.  If Damien's artwork can go for millions, maybe a 55k piece is a steal? maybe.  I personally would never shell out $39,000 for a knapsack let alone an additional 16k to have some prescription pills sewn onto it but maybe I just don't have enough money to burn.  You've got to really love fashion to even entertain this discussion though. All I can think about is what my dad will say when I tell him there is a $55,000 backpack available for purchase.

I will add that one redeeming factor here is that some of the proceeds (the amount is up to Damien) are going to UNICEF.  Hopefully he'll be generous!

What do you think? Are these bags art, frivolous, or is this whole thing just too ridiculous?

Yes, those are prescription pills.

I admittedly like the gold polka dots.

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