January 17, 2013

Dominican Republic

After no vacations for a year, my boyfriend and I decided to stretch the Christmas holiday from 1 to 2 weeks and went to the D.R. for New Year's.  2012 was a pretty full year for us from my recent move back to Montreal, starting a new division of my company in Canada, and the condo project (see our first reno here) so a relaxed holiday in the sun was the perfect way to start the new year.

My boyfriend also had another idea for starting 2013 and popped the question at sunset on the beautiful gazebo atop a picturesque bluff at the resort.  I have since learned of the saga surrounding the planning, buying the ring, resizing the ring, and finding a time to ask my very busy/never home parents. Although it was a lot of work for him (including secret trips to Vermont), it's fantastic having such a deliciously complex story attached to our engagement.

Aside from the improved relaxation associated with no electronics, the resort's limited internet and lack of phones provided the perfect excuse for us to savour our engagement privately together and also look forward to a slew of exciting phone calls upon our return (and about a million new pinterest boards).

2013 couldn't possibly be off to a better start.

Where it all happened.

We're engaged!

Little did I know I was on the way up to my proposal!

Beautiful sunset with a sailboat coasting by.

Ring, Tiffany's round solitaire (and just what I wanted!)

One of maybe a million ring photos, I went a little nuts.

Shirt dress BCBG, Clutch DVF Spring 2012, Necklace H&M

First night mojitos with iPhone camera, not quite as good as the DSLR but I could fit it in my purse while running through one of the few torrential downpours to the bar.

Since I'm not a toast in the sun person (I'm more of an SPF 70/giant sun hat/sit in the shade kind of gal), all the trees on the beach were perfect for shaded snoozes and reading on beach chairs. 

Best sun hat ever (and worth carrying on the plane) J.Crew, Shades Marc Jacobs

I don't want wrinkles (who does!) and being in the sun is useless since I don't tan. I've always needed to wear a high SPF to enjoy the summer thus my susceptibility to burning has actually saved my skin over the years.

My sweetie and I on the windy beach.

Maxi dress LA Made

I've got a serious sweet tooth so the dessert buffet was a dangerous place.  Since indulging in 3 desserts is part of being on vacation, I made sure to run on the beach every afternoon so I could enjoy the extra calories without guilt.  Plus, although many people think of time off as a good reason not to exercise, I find the most relaxing and rewarding workouts are when you have a whole day with nothing else to do.

Sundress BCBG

One final pose on the beach before heading home.

Silk Maxi Dress, Halston Heritage

Our last dinner.  I can never resist a loose flowing dress on a windy day.  Billowing fabric around my legs always makes me feel like I'm on a photo shoot and I find long flowy dresses often make more of a statement than a short cocktail dress.  Plus they're more comfortable.  

This is one of my all time favorites which I nicknamed my Mexico Dress (we were originally headed to Mexico) and I'm always looking for excuses to wear it.  I completely forgot to get a head to toe picture and this shot really doesn't do it justice.  Photo to come. :-)

A final walk home to our very own "Pink Palace".

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