February 19, 2013

Mexico breakdown - daytime looks

As I was going through all of my stored summer clothing in preparation for my trips south last month, I realized that I'm not color averse per se, I just wear no colors in winter.  My summer clothing was a refreshing wash of pink, blues, lilac, mint, and yellows on my white bedspread and I even left a few things hanging on my curtain rod as a reminder that spring will one day return.

Unfortunately it was a bit much to turn all of my clothes into curtains so they're now all packed away again in my closet and under my bed.  While I wait for warmer weather, I thought now would be the perfect time to show what I wore during the day in Mexico so as to not forget the colorful temperatures too quickly.

I was also really proud of myself on this last trip.  Since I needed everything from work attire to beach wear to evening gowns, I was worried I'd over pack but instead, I carefully laid out the following outfits and fit everything inside my one 22 inch carry on suitcase.  Including bulky sneakers and workout clothes!

I always lay out my clothes before putting them in my suitcase.  It helps me see what goes with what and organize the packing process.  One tip I've learned is that rolling rather than folding dresses saves them from wrinkles and makes them easier to squeeze in the suitcase!

Outfit #1: Plane
Zara blazer, BCBG top and bag, Forever 21 necklace, J.Crew jeans, Topshop wedge sneakers

I like wearing comfy blazers on planes - as warm as a sweater and you still look put together when you land and instantly have to meet colleagues.

Outfit #2: Day 1
Club Monaco dress, Pour la Victoire pumps, BCBG necklace and bracelet, Coach clutch, Michael Kors watch

I often feel a little claustrophobic in sheath dresses and more often opt for looser attire but when I found this one on sale during the holidays, it was too good a deal to pass up.  I have since found it to be the most comfortable work outfit I've ever worn. It has just the right amount of stretch to be form fitting yet not overly confining.

Outfit #3 and #4: Early cocktail hour and daytime meetings
Line & Dot blouse, Forever 21 necklace, Club Monaco bracelet, Robert Rodriguez high waisted trousers, BCBG bag, (although you can't see them) Nine West wedges

Our first event in Mexico was what my company described as a late afternoon "Scandinavian dressed down chic" cocktail hour before 5 hours of meetings.  When you work for a European company, especially a Norwegian company, everyone dresses up so this was actually a helpful description.  

Rather than join the parade of skinny jeans and blazers though, I decided to go with a more Mexico/resort/70s ensemble.  This top actually has 2 cutouts on the side but I sewed one up to be a little more conservative for work.

J. Crew blouse, DVF clutch, Club Monaco bracelet

Although you can't see them (they're in the second packing picture though), the wedges I'm wearing are ridiculously comfortable.  They have a giant platform which makes them perfect for these pants (my legs are actually 5 inches shorter) and a lower heel height which saved my feet during the many hours of standing and networking.

Outfit #5: Day 2

J.Crew wool dress, Forever 21 necklace, DVF clutch, BCBG sandals

Normally these meetings are swarming with 5 inch heels.  Maybe it was the relaxed resort atmosphere or maybe it was everyone being a few years older and unwilling to put up with the pain but day 2 had most girls in flat sandals.  There are always late night parties in heels so I think it was mainly a practical decision to not destroy our feet at the beginning of the trip.

On a side note, I had been eyeing this clutch FOREVER but couldn't decide if the neon green and pale purple would be too hard to match.  As it turns out, this clutch goes with everything, adds the perfect zip of color, and the roomy size is great for fitting a notebook, pen, and wallet.

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