February 08, 2013

Mexico here I come!

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Mexico for work (I know, tough job right?) and had such a good time.  My company has an annual kickoff to start the new year where they send all 900 of us to some fabulous location for meetings, networking, and fun. Aside from being happy to replace the frigid temperatures of Montreal with the balmy Cancun weather, it was so nice being able to catchup with all my friends that I rarely see.  Considering everyone moves quite a bit for work, I now have friends scattered across the globe in London, Japan, Argentina, San Francisco, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa and so many other places.

I also realized that it's not that I don't like wearing colours, it's that all my winter clothes are dark.  Digging out my summer wardrobe for this trip was so pleasant as I unearthed cheerful colors like bright orange, minty green, purple, bright pink, and blue.  More on my outfits to come!  For now, here are a few photos of the trip.

View from the balcony of my room on the 11th floor.  Best beach I've ever seen.

Theme of the week? What else than the Mayan calendar and renewal/rebirth etc for the new year.  Our meetings therefore started with some native tribal (or maybe Mayan?) dancing.

Oh yea, and the Mayan calendar in the background?  We plastered our logo all over that and made it our own.

First night beach party.  On the left is my bestie who now lives in London, so great to see her!  In the middle is a British friend now living in Argentina and I'm on the right in one of the few neutral dresses I brought.  The only problem with a beach party (i.e. in the sand) is that it means no heels so I had a last minute outfit change to floaty dress and sandals.

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