February 11, 2014

$4 and a Bottle of Wine

*Outfit from my app:
Gap sweater, Topshop skirt, Pour La Victoire pumps, Michael Kors watch, H&M necklace
A few weeks ago I had one of those evenings where, despite having several projects waiting to be finished/started, I was bored.  While listlessness frequently leads me to one of my favourite pastimes, reorganizing (for the millionth time) and cleaning my apartment, this evening in particular had the disappointing reality that all my laundry was done, the floor was recently vacuumed, and my office had already undergone it's near-weekly rearranging.

With an unopened bottle of wine taunting me from the kitchen counter and no fiancé around for another few hours, I figured a merlot-fueled closet organization brainstorming session seemed promising.

A few of the issues needing tackling:

  1. Habitual "I have nothing to wear" feeling despite a huge supply of clothing
  2. Need to see my options without a free bedroom to dedicate to a walk-in
  3. Need to create some exciting new outfit combos - shop my closet so to speak
  4. Less impulse shopping, more buying things I actually need

Well after giving it some thought, researching organizational sites, and being reminded of my envy for Cher Horowitz's programmed closet, I found StyleBook - a closet organizational app.  

Normally I don't buy apps on principal but it was recommended by several fashion magazines and I was willing to risk the $4 cost with the rational that at least I'd be entertained for the evening - And oh my god was I ever.  A bottle of wine, $4, and a lot of picture taking/google imaging later, I had found my new secret obsession.  It's seriously embarrassing how much time I spend with this app.

A few of my favourite features:

  1. Full view of your closet and a *searchable* (say what!?) database
  2. Packing lists and the ability to create pre-made outfits by occasion
  3. Tag things that need replacing and get a lot of wear
  4. Better understanding of items I really don't need but keep buying anyway (hello huge collection of cocktail dresses)
  5. Wardrobe dollar value (a little scary, weirdly satisfying, and puts shopping into perspective)

The main drawback I have found is that it takes some time to photograph your wardrobe (you really have to be dedicated to set it up) but after adding most things, now I slowly add items whenever I wear them.

If you see a girl on the bus creating virtual outfits, now you know who it is.

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