February 12, 2014

Enso Yoga

Photo ℅ Enso Yoga

The last year and a half I'm proud to say I've finally become "a runner", AND the kind of runner I never thought I would be - a hardcore outdoors-in-winter, half marathon for fun, bonafide runner.  Yes I'm a member of the weird group of late 20-something/early 30-something adults that take up running in droves.

Unfortunately I've discovered that even with 3 layers, I'm still cold after 45 minutes outside when the weather is -15 celsius or below... and that adds up to maybe 3 days in this record setting winter that I could run.  Not wanting to ruin my newly acquired consistency with exercise, I needed to find a new outlet until I could breach hibernation mode and decided to go back to an old standby - yoga.

I've always loved yoga, going off and on for the last 9 years, and I adored bikram yoga when I lived in NYC.  It's the perfect counterpart to running since it stretches out those tight chunky muscles and it's also a great way to fight stress - not to mention that hot yoga burns about 800 calories per class!

Unfortunately most studios I've found in Montreal have that… umm… let's call it the "bikram smell" (cough, B.O., cough) and carpeting.  Over the past 2 weeks though, I had the pleasure of finally trying out Enso Yoga downtown and I'm happy to confirm that it is as beautiful and amazing as it looks online.

The studio has beautiful hardwood floors (washed between EVERY class), everything gets a dose of eucalyptus water (spa scent is way better than "bikram smell"), and the showers/locker rooms (also washed between classes) are as modern, light, and airy as everything else.  It really feels like a treat and a luxury to be here - I mean, it's in the HERMES building!

*The 14 day trial is currently only $40 (I went about 10 out of 14 days) and they also offer community classes for 50% off at weird hours if you're budget conscious as well as hot pilates and barre classes. 

*This is not a bikram studio.  It is hot yoga meaning it is a flow yoga class in a hot room but not a classic bikram class with the bikram poses.

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  1. So much better for you in the winter too!!

    We have to go next time I visit you in Montreal!