May 16, 2014

Are celebrities the new face of wearable fashion?

Recently I was looking for summer wardrobe inspiration and rather than heading to the hundreds of blogs on my blogroll or clicking on pinterest, I actually googled celebrities!  I did! and just the word celebrity too… nothing as specific as choosing a particular trendy lady to ogle.  As I scanned through images of Kate Hudson, Rachel Zoe, and Nicole Richie in maxi dresses with boho jewelry (I was specifically looking for a breezy dress), I realized the unconscious decision I had made.

In the age where everyone is debating the influence of celebrity fashion when compared to the weight the mighty fashion bloggers wield in the buying decisions of fashionista masses, it seems so passé to just google general celebrity images.  Why did I do this? I almost always go to blogs as a first resort and haven't even considered celebrities in the last few years (unless they also happen to be social media phenomena).

While pondering my crazy nearly counter culture decision, I came to only one conclusion - candids of celebrities going about their daily business shows real people in real, usually wearable, clothes.  People who know their photo might get taken and put just enough effort into their look to be presentable (aka me on most days).   Although I feel a bit guilty furthering the TMZ's of the world, I realize I am tiring of seeing photo shoot outfits on blogs.  Does the Blond Salad have an entire plane carrying all her looks to exotic destinations?  If I were to pack for a trip based on her daily outfits I'd need a caravan.  And who believes that a real New Yorker, in below zero weather, is really wearing a mini-skirt, strappy sandals, and a thin blazer to go to dinner.  I. Don't. Think. So.  It looks to me like someone put on a crazy outfit, shed their coat and boots to shiver through a natural light photo shoot, and hurriedly bundled up again.

I'm all for enjoying fashion and verging on totally impractical is part of what makes it fun but as for inspiration for my own wardrobe, I'd rather see images of real gals in what they ACTUALLY wore that day.  Even if it means seeing (gasp) the same jeans+tshirt/blouse+pump/bootie combo 2 days in a row.

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  1. So true!! fashion blogs are starting to get sort of.....tired....and a cliche of themselves. Something else along these same lines I just found and thought was *hilarious* is an instagram called "You Did Not Eat That" ( that basically just re-posts and pokes fun of pictures of fashion bloggers holding 7 bagels in front of their 5 inch thigh gap because.....duh that size 0 girl did NOT eat 7 bagels or donuts or ice cream cones